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NPS2: Reaching the Next Level of Customer Experience Leadership

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Ensure your knowledge of Net Promoter is up to the minute by downloading our free ebook. Get an overview of the latest thought leadership, methodology, and frameworks to successfully guide your customer experience management (CEM) program. 

Do you know how Net Promoter really works? 

In this ebook, learn how Satmetrix has applied years of in-the-field experience and developed a network of customer experience leaders to evolve the Net Promoter methodology into what we call NPS2.

Download the ebook, NPS2: Reaching the Next Level of Customer Experience Leadership (eBook), to get practical guidance documenting the bottom-line value of your customer experience program.

You will learn:

  • A measurement framework that makes the customer journey central to your customer data collection and analysis
  • The actionable insights that help you democratize your customer experience data in all areas of the business
  • How smart loops (the next great thing in the world of closed loop workflows) guide you to greater insight and root cause learning, better cross-functional improvements, and intelligent resource prioritization
  • To drive organizational adoption by focusing on the needs of your information consumers